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I Made It To 100!


Oh my, it’s the last one on the easel for the challenge. It’s an oil painting worked from one of Christine’s Connerly's bird photos.

Moving forward, I still consider this my sabbatical year and I intend to continue exploring. I am giving myself free rein to try different mediums (that I have access to), styles and palettes. After a few days off in the sunny backyard, I will be back to posting.

I definitely had times when I wanted to pack it in, so I appreciated the support on Instagram. If it hadn't been for some of those folks, I would have felt totally isolated. It's funny how we still find a way to communicate with others during this quarantine. Before this year, I had about 5 posts on Instagram and ignored it totally, now I am on everyday either posting or chatting.

So what comes next? I think maybe I might take a month off, then do the September Strada Challenge. That is where you paint from life (never photos) on a daily basis, for 30 days. Stay tuned!


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