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. British born Carole-Ann Ricketts attended the University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, where she received a BFA (Honors) in Painting, Fine Art Printmaking and 

Ceramics in the late 1990s. 


The artist also has a Btech LIII in Design for Graphic Communication, Photography studies and also gained a traditional * London City & Guilds apprenticeship. Ricketts worked in design and print studios in Worcestershire and Lancashire. 


Art Dealer

After a continental move to the United States, Ricketts continued exploring painting, printmaking, and ceramics. Ricketts also owned Nevada's largest paint-your-own-pottery & glass studio, where she taught for the last few years. She is now moving to a small studio to concentrate on developing her personal artwork.


Although her main base is now the US, she spends time in the UK each year and loves to travel; always seeking inspiration for her next series of paintings.


Paintings, drawings and ceramics by Ricketts have been exhibited in shows and are in permanent collections throughout Europe,
Oceania and North America. 

*Rickett's L.C&G qualification, causes her to delightfully boast that by ancient law, she is endowed with the privilege of wearing a sword within the City of London and herding sheep over London Bridge. The artist however, has not yet tested this honor.

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