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Yellow Shoe

#52- Yellow Shoe

Big number today. I started the year hoping to paint 52 pieces before the end of 2020, thanks to quarantine time I got there early.

My Mum loved shoes. I don’t think I ever saw her in flip flops, her most casual summer shoe would be heeled ankle tie espadrilles and with warmer weather approaching I wanted to paint one for her. We have been talking about her Sunday Best choices for the funeral and her shoes.

I remember one year in the 70s, she had a whole wardrobe of bright yellow shoes and boots to go with Mary Quant yellows. It was a joy to look in her closet and see them all lined up.

I had a bit of fun scraping paint here. Putting it on and scraping it off again to smear it. It’s been interesting going back to try different paint strokes and styles. Must be totally confusing to see my work, as mixed up as my brain is these days!


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