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Winter Wonders

3/52- Winter Wonders, 6" x 6", oil on panel

It feels like this week flew by. I had a lovely little break by the coast in Monterey and now am settling back in to paint more pieces for the March exhibition. Not much time left when paint drying comes into consideration, yikes! I am not sharing the larger paintings yet, as I am worried that I will jinx them or something. When the show is up I will post them, but I will keep them under wraps until then.

The "Winter Wonders" are Snowdrops and Crocus. I painted both of these flowers last year as they poked through the snow, this year they have been collected and arranged. I find the symbolism of flowers fascinating, ever since we read Ophelia in school and discussed the symbols of her flowers as she entered the water. In the Cotswolds, where I hail from, Snowdrops are a symbol of hope, because they are the first flowers to bloom in Winter. Likewise the Crocus symbolizes new beginnings and joy.


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