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Wine and Roses

35/52 Wine and Roses

An event doesn't have to be big to make it a celebration. I might like wine and roses brought to me as a surprise... but some days I want to celebrate that I remembered to water the plants and do the grocery shopping.

During this strange Corona lifetime, I have tried to make more of the importance of self-care. I have had to be aware of myself in order for it to happen, which feels very indulgent. I now find that little mindful activities like exercise, meditation, yoga, and even a simple green tea can boost creativity more than ever before. Making time for myself to paint a little 6” x 6” oil painting is my main self-love celebration. In true l’Oreal style, “Because I’m Worth It!”.

I had my usual 3 color palette set up, plus white, but I splashed out with gold gesso, as a secret pleasure. Like pretty nail polish when wearing boots. :-)

I went for a nice little village walk to get some lunch, which was under a canopy with pink paper balls. I don't know why that made the food taste better, but it did!


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