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Stand Back I'm Having A Creative Moment

My daughter bought me a new apron, just for the challenge. I hope that I get that creative feeling, because starting a new project is never easy is it?

I have to post a new art piece each week, but I also need to warm up to get the art juices flowing. I want to post the finished item to Instagram and my Facebook Challenge page on Fridays and a monthly round up at the end of each month. That seems like a good rhythm to get into. I might post up some of my black and white warm up sketches and paintings over the next few days, if nothing else it will make sure I have my Facebook page running.

The point of the challenge is to push myself in shaking the dust off my art skills and stopping myself overthinking about making work. Of late, I have had a tendency to think over and over about a certain painting and end up not finishing it. I procrastinate over the composition, rethink the colours 10 times and then decide it isn't good enough and abandon it.

I know that I am too busy to commit to a daily painting habit and marvel at those that can. I do think that a weekly art piece is more realistic, so here we go!


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