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Scent of Summer

38/52 Scent of Summer, 6” x 6”, oil painting

When I arrived to the area, I bought season passes to Mendocino Botanical Gardens, so this has become a regular spot for me now. They have divine flowers and succulents, which are a pleasure to walk through. Even on rainy days, there is a shelter overlooking the ocean, which is perfect for a flask of tea. The bonus of rainy summer days, is that as the rain stops and the sun comes out, the scent of the flowers is pure Summer. It is quite intoxicating in the azalea garden.

Each time we go, we make our way through the gardens and find a spot to soak in the scents and listen to the bees. Hopefully they will open their little cafe again soon, but until then we hail the thermos flask.

Thanks @dreamatolleperry from IG for today’s painting challenge and Mendocino Botanical Gardens for the palette and inspiration. I added a tiny splash of Pthalo blue to the palette for intensity.


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