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Sarah's Orange

24/52 Citrus Snack

It feels likeI have been painting watercolors for a hot minute now, so I needed to have a quick break and come back to paint in oils. I have become obsessed with painting little oil paints, ever since the pandemic started and we all had to take shelter. In the past I used to paint large oil paintings in an indirect style that took weeks to complete. Painting alla Prima, has been my guilty pleasure!

I enjoyed the little free time, so I played around with a reference photo shared to me by Sarah Sedwick and got back into my oil painting groove. I have worked with Sarah for over a year and she has taught me a lot about the business side of art as well as guided my still life aesthetic.

I'm going to put this one up for sale on Daily Paintworks online gallery on Thursday (April 12th), so if you are interested in purchasing, please head on over!


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