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Pink Peonies Al Fresco


A little birdie planted a seed that sent me on an imaginary visit to Europe. I love vintage chairs and al fresco dining, so I think I may stay a little longer.

There was a time that I used to travel a lot. The days before kids were spent working and figuring out where we could go to spend the money. We were rarely home at weekends or bank holidays, as there were always new cities to visit or countryside to roam.

Post having kids we still travel, but a lot of that time is spent in the Happiest Place On Earth. Disney has almost become a family substitute, as our families live so far away. I think that my eldest has had more birthdays with Uncle Mickey, than is healthy for the average kid. Haha. We have taken them with us on tours of Europe and America, so travel has still been part of our lives, it just looks very different to long relaxing with a glass of wine and food, in shady spots in the Mediterranean. Now they are getting older though, I see that becoming a possibility again.

We just need the World to put the Open sign back up!


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