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Mixed Nuts

44/52 Mixed Nuts This little painting has already made it’s way to the home of a collector in California. He already had a number of my paintings, but this was a special birthday surprise!

A few days ago, I checked out an exhibition space at Sierra Arts Foundation in Reno, that I will be sharing with the wonderful Shelley Zentner . I recently met Shelley who is a Welsh artist, living in Lake Tahoe. Our art schools were only 50 miles away from each other and we live a similar distance apart today which is quite amusing. I am super excited to be collaborating with her over the coming months, especially as I had this weird feeling of tribal recognition or something. It was quite a startling and emotional response to someone that I have never met before! We had been paired because of our styles and there was absolutely no knowledge of our nationality by the curator; what a small world. Check out her website here:

The exhibition will be in March of next year, so I will post updates periodically to keep you informed of progress.


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