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Mini Work Space & free PDF

Updated: May 28, 2020

It has been a huge challenge to go from owning a 2000 sq ft pottery studio, to not having one at all. I am doing renovations on a cottage to be a long term sleep-over style Art Studio, but progress is slow. In the meantime, I have set up a tiny space in my husband's home office. Most of us are working from home now, so it's important that we all claim a space for ourselves as our personal areas.

I added a 5 step PDF of making this space, to share how I made this tiny space work to my webpage. It's a free downloadable file, when you sign up on this webpage. It might offer some inspiration to others hoping to get creative in a small space during this crazy lockdown!

I will keep this PDF available for as long as it may seem relevant to quarantine artists :)

I made a small surface in a corner of my husband’s small home office space. I found some narrow scrap wood and placed it over the top of a couple of 2 drawer filing cabinets. It’s skinny, but enough to get a simple table easel on (and a plate of snacks). My daughter ditched her laptop table after decluttering her room. That became a good surface to display my still life set-ups. I also added some peg board and kidnapped a dry erase board. Voila! Workable temporary studio space!


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