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Milk & Honey

12/52 Milk & Honey,

I painted a few days later than normal, as we had a busy week and my daughter had her wisdom teeth out on my normal Friday painting day.

On Saturday I had a little afternoon tea and chat event at Sierra Arts Gallery, where my exhibition is currently hanging.

It was lovely to see old friends who popped in to see what I was up to and to meet new ones and share my process.

I had made some iced tea as well as some more traditional hot teas to share and of course a little milk and honey. This inspired my choice of painting today.

The Peony giveaway winner was drawn, but so far we haven’t had a response from the person drawn. Check your emails in case it was you, because if we haven’t had a claim by Tuesday we will make another drawing when the show comes down.

After the Oscar’s last night, I want to make a more formal thank you speech 🎤 🤩So Thank you to @iamsierraarts for the beautiful gallery space and opportunity to meet so many lovely people and share my work.

Thanks @sedwickstudio for the mentorship over 2020/21 and the photo reference, I am loving the photo pack!


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