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Main Squeeze

13/52 Main Squeeze

If you know me at all, you know that I get hooked on IG painting challenges. In the last two years I have done the 100 day project, food painting challenge, plant painting challenge, Inktober, Strada Easel Challenge, a 365 daily painting challenge and more. Obviously my 52 paintings in 52 weeks is my favourite, as that is a sustainable goal for me and allows me to do other things with my life (even if that is more painting!). This is the challenge that I always record here and often the other challenges go unrecorded. Earlier this year the 365 challenge group had an exhibition of our work in St Ives, Cornwall, UK, which made me very proud of our daily painting achievements.

This year, the world has become more open after the pandemic and I feel less housebound. I know that I will keep up my 52 paintings, but I also have an itch to travel. Extra painting challenges may be left behind as I explore life outside of my home.

Near the start of the year there was a 20 in 20 days challenge going on. Some of the references came from a great photo app called Unsplash, which has stock photos that you can download and use for free, including this lemon :-)


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