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Handful of blueberries

29/52 Handful of blueberries, 6” x 6”, oil on canvas board

I’m painting on location at the moment, so my plan is to work from photos, or plein air paint for a while.

This painting is from a photo by @alaiganuza and’s food paint challenge. I will be dipping into some of their older ones and from other IG artists that are sharing their photo reference offerings! There is so much to learn from doing this. I painted my own in my style, then I followed the hashtag and looked to see how others and done theirs. It is so interesting to see how we each use our personal filters and emphasize different areas.

#artobserved #foodpaintchallenge #foodpaintingchallenge #wednesdayvibes #foodart #blueberry #oilpainting

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