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Floral Watercolor

23/52 I haven’t painted in watercolour for ages and I really wanted to have a go of painting something fast today. Well. I ended up really getting into the flow and it took me longer than I thought, so dinner was a British classic: baked beans on toast, which was delish! I joined the Sierra Watercolor Society before the pandemic started, but that pesky pandemic nixed all the meetings. They will be holding their first in person exhibition since Covid, next month. This is what is launching me into wanting to paint something and paint it fast!

With today's watercolor, I was trying to think of something rad to paint, where a lot of paint flinging could happen. I couldn't think of something fast enough (Did I mention I wanted to paint fast?), so I went with a a floral painting. Why is it that when I think of doing watercolors, I immediately think of a vase of flowers? I need to either get out of that zone, or embrace the fact that watercolor florals are my destiny 😄

I started with a very traditional light watercolor but it wasn't reaching that itch for color, so after the composition was down I dripped in lots more saturated color. Where it was becoming dense, I added salt and once that was dried, I glazed in an over wash in places. I admit to splattering in some purple and turquoise, just for the fun of it. All in all, it was a blast getting to know watercolor again. I might try for a couple more paintings, just to have more contributions to the show.


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