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Flattening the Curve series

72/100- Flattening the Curve 1

As an exercise, I’m working on some non-representational abstractions. Too often in my past, I have felt that I must choose between representational art, or abstract art as a single path. It was a struggle to try and make just one my focus. It has taken me years to be comfortable about it, as there is always the outside pressure that does't allow for the possibility that we as artists, could actually do both. A creative life requires us to allow in more than one possibility for creation, so the output should not be restrained by the possibilities of just using one style.

I went to a very progressive art school, that encouraged us to focus on what we wanted to say and allowed the language to find it's own media voice. What I am shaping now, is based on a range of feelings, that is coming through as an abstract expression. I am not sure if there is anything good or bad in there yet, it's pure letting go at this point. I will post them in their raw state, but this style often means that they may get reworked later.


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