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Feeling A Little Abstracted

Earlier in the year, I deleted a bunch of my abstract and general work from Instagram. I felt that it looked much cleaner with it being just still life on the feed. All the ADD, distraction and general lack of focus, just disappeared from the feed. Beautiful.

As soon as I did that though, I felt that I had a gaping hole. Should I not be doing abstract anymore? Jeeze, but I love making abstract work! It's like my soul splits and I get into a fight with myself over what I need to do. Hmmm... why not just continue doing both and quit the whining? Because it looks like I have no focus? Hmmm... Hey Genius, make another account.

Once that fight was over, I set up a second "miscellaneous" IG account. Now when I feel like doing anything other than a still life, I can add it there. I have hopes to do some fused glass that work well with some acrylic work, those would be perfect for the new account. If you want to go check it out, the account is called: A_Little_Abstracted and it's going to be messy...

I worked on some tiny abstracts over the last few days which I am posting over on IG.


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