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Every Sunset Is An Opportunity For A Reset

Hi Folks,

My original blog was started a decade ago. I can hardly believe how much has changed over those 10 years, thankfully art is still a priority in my life. What better time to make a new blog, than a 10 year anniversary.

A quick update to let you know that I sold Playful Potter, my pottery and glass studio. It was a wonderful experience and I met so many new creative friends, but now I am ready to move back to 2D works again. I"m not going to lie, will miss all the people visiting and having over 2000 sq. ft. of art studio space to play in (especially as my temporary work space will be a tiny corner of my husband's office!). I am lucky enough to have a permanent studio space on the horizon, but much renovation and organization needs to be done to make that a warm and inviting space.


For those of you that knew me from Playful Potter, I am not saying goodbye to clay for ever. I was facing some health issues and I just have the restlessness that all artists get when they have been doing one style for a while. I will be accessing a kiln as the need arises, for clay and glass projects.

To kick off 2020 and in the spirit of the Year of The Rat, I am jumping head first into my new beginning; I have challenged myself to creating 52 finished artworks, in 52 weeks!

What are you thinking I hear you cry...!!! 

*I think* that this will help me to warm up the painting muscles, inspire me to explore new areas and generate some looser brush strokes. I'm going to have fun, so I really hope that you will join me in my journey.

So, in the theme of resetting and new beginnings, I am archiving my old blog to this new platform. The posts there will be archived, but still (reasonably) accessible. 


Here are some links to help you find me in the future:

I would love it if you could follow my Facebook challenge, here on the

Thank you for being there for me!



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