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Dr. Dilworth's Diary

I have finished this commissioned piece for Jackie Dilworth. It was rather exciting to work on this, as I got a sneak peek into her latest play. She sent me the draft of the play and I got to read it for painting ideas. Jackie Dilworth has always made edgy creative work, but in my mind has a very classic style. She crafts beautiful work with the help of an old school typewriter, or Parker fountain pen.

The painting is a small oil on 8" x 10" canvas panel, that can be used for the background of the poster and marketing materials. I have no reason to believe that the play is set in anything but contemporary times, yet I always feel an aurora of the 1920s around Dr. Dilworth. A book, pen and background, could be of any time period, but I have an inkling that the image may have it's own 1920s aurora reading. Maybe I am just overly aware of today's date of 02/02/20!

I believe the working title of the play will be "Camino de Santiago", keep your eyes peeled for it coming soon



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