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Dog Days

87/100 I am still working with some Alizarin Crimson, but some tinted Ultramarine Blue is working to balance out the palette. I have a passion fro the big granite rocks that surround the area and my default is to subconsciously bring them into a painting.

We have been painting the shower room and bedroom in my art studio. The actual working area will probably be the last thing to come together, but we figured that if we have a bedroom then it’s a place to stay Like most people, we are sick of the same four walls and this little studio can run as a vacation/staycation space for us for the rest of the summer. Temperatures are in the beautiful 90s, the skies are blue and the evenings balmy. I dream of the day when I can unload all my art supplies from storage and I'm aiming for Fall when the kids go back to school. In the meantime, I'm kicking back and enjoying this wonderful Summer ❤️


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