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Life can be chaotic, but my blog page doesn't have to be

I am moving blog platforms, as my old blog "Cricketts Inky Art Blot", became glitchy with old age (a reflection of it's owner?). Technology has come a long way in 10 years and the blog needed a restart. Posts from 2010-2019 are being archived. It feels a bit like a bit of my art history being lost, but they should still be available, despite the glitches


I am also starting up a Facebook page devoted to my #52 in 52 art challenge, so if you don't have time to read here, check out the Facebook page or check out Carole-Ann Ricketts on Instagram to see posts of the latest art piece.

As part of the #52 in 52 art challenge, I will make some of the items sellable as prints on Fine Art America. Keep an eye out for fresh print options from the challenge. Here is the link for the print page:


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