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11/52 Aubergine, 6" x 6", Oil on Panel

I haven’t painted an aubergine/eggplant in a couple of years and I when I did I was trying out loosening up with a brushstroke exercise.

So I had a bit of fun seeing how it one would look if I tried an aubergine today. I used a number 8 flat brush to keep me from getting into details. Mentally, I feel like I attainted a level of French style sophistication in this one, something quite desirable.

I am relieved that there is improvement seen compared to the old paintings. I sometimes get frustrated that I am not improving, but I now think it must just be gradual so it’s harder to see. The older paintings were created in a limited number of strokes, which is a challenging game to play when painting.

I love a simple composition like this. It takes me to that joy from really “seeing” the little things around us and honouring that beauty.


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