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Artist in Residence

32/52 Halved Avocado

Hi from my misty Mendocino studio!

I have fallen on my feet getting a month of art and exploration time, in a pretty little village on the Northern Californian Coast. The village is Mendocino, just a little south of Fort Bragg. Each morning starts with a direct stroll to get coffee or tea at Good Life Cafe, then a more scenic walk back along the ocean cliffs back "home". There is everything that I need to paint here, including a little glass porch with a breathtaking view, good light and even a glass table to paint on. I am in heaven!

The swirling sea mist, had me in the mood to paint but I was a bit overwhelmed with what to chose for a subject. I picked a food paint challenge photo by @alaiganuza and from Instagram, put on some music and lined up a matcha tea next to my palette (you can guess where my brush ended up).

Later in the day, I got to toast the sunset with a margarita and some chips with guacamole. Living the life!

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