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A Sucker For Sugar

14/52 - A Sucker For Sugar

Another food (lollipops are food right?) painting challenge item that I have been meaning to do and never found time for.

I wanted to get a “barely there” crinkle to the wrapper and experiment further with the background. After painting the 36” sq paintings, it is so nice to go back to small 6” ones and be done fairly quickly. The backgrounds in this little series, will all be abstract. They are a throwback to my older style and I am loving blending the two styles together. The playful nature of bringing the two together, is bringing a fun title along for the ride.

I am sending these paintings to Piper J Gallery, in Truckee, California. I sell this unframed style (they are deep, stretched canvas), for $150 each to see if there is interest in these more abstract works.


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