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2nd Apple & Silver Jug painting

I started this painting with the intention of it being painted in one sitting, but it took much longer than anticipated and a few "real life" things came my way. This is under lamplight, so it's more yellow than the previous painting in this series. I’m still using the Fibonacci composition, but it is flipped to be the opposite way around to the pink tint version of this still life. I want to do one more with a blue tint to complete the set, but it won’t be finished and dry to get into the Sierra Arts Gallery show.

Despite having a completely different plan for art mediums, this turned into the year of still life painting in oils. I have loved being under the mentorship guidance of @sedwickstudio during this change of plan.

I have so much to thank Sarah Sedwick for. Her nuggets of knowledge, have been a life saving distraction for 2020’s string of brutal hits and show cancellations. I have learned so much about contemporary still life and new ways to manipulate oil paint from her.


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