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Watercolor Show

I have put some of my watercolor paintings into a group show at a local museum called The Wilbur D. May Museum, Reno. The show is called "A Breath of Fresh Art" and is held by the Sierra Watercolor Society and opens today. Sadly, there is no reception, but hopefully restrictions will lift soon and once more we can party!

The SWS is a lovely group of artists with so much talent. I joined the society to push myself skill wise, as well as meeting a new circle of artists.

I love that watercolors are quick to use, inviting spontaneity and the vivid recording of an impression. It is also lightweight and easy for travel, so I often have a journal with a little watercolor set in my travel bag.

I have been listing all the places that I want to visit post COVID and the list is long, so I will need to have some pretty cool journals for all these places I will visit.


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