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34/52 Foliage

Today was another perfect painting day in the Glass Box Studio. I ditched the idea of a bright palette and went with the vibes around me, which was misty Mendo. The raindrops on the glass, made for some interesting abstract photos, I imagine this could be leading me somewhere... Anyways, enough of the ADD, this is another Plant Painting Challenge, brought about by @bekahpaints, @vickimcgrathart and @pronouncedtyt on Instagram.

The Northern Californian Coast, is my absolute favorite coastline. It is filled with swirling mist and coffee shops. I was all set for a brightly saturated palette, but the weather has me settling back to earth colors. My palette was more more usual Hansa Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Ivory Black and Titanium White. I'm painting up a storm in my glass box studio.


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